Friday, January 30, 2009

This place is not that great

Taking a vacation to someplace new and finding out that it is not such a great place to vacation at.

No pretty person here

The pretty person going on the plane never sits next to the seat that you are seated in.

Just missing the green light

Missing the green light by a few seconds all the time when you are driving.

Stop talking

Sitting next to someone on a plane who has to talk to you the entire way.

Shareholders getting the shaft

A stock you own goes bankrupt. The shareholders claim losses for years on their tax returns while the CEOs walk away with millions.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ladder is too short

The trim on the outside of the house has to be painted, but the ladder never reaches up that high to do the job.

Aging windows

Having to replace old windows in the house and finding out that it cost thousands of dollars.

Big kids on Halloween

I thought Halloween was for kids? Why do near 16 year olds sometimes try to come around for candy?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Look before you open door

Some people in parking lots never look to see if their car door will hit your car before they open it.

Stop for crosswalk

Some drivers never slow down for people in a crosswalk.

Noisy car alarms

Some car alarms are so loud and seem to go off for no reason at all.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cheap price but shipping cost

Buying something on TV that is cheap, but when you read closer the item cost near $10 to ship.

Online slang

Too many slang words people use online is impossible to figure out.

Microwave cooking times

The food always takes longer in the microwave oven than they say it takes on the box.

Shut the turn signal

Drivers who leave the turn signal on forever even after they make the turn. Doesn't the turn signal make a noise?

Lower case i

Some people online always use the lower case "i". Every "I" is always a capital letter.

Wrong way on bikes

People who ride bikes going against the traffic. You are supposed to ride WITH the traffic.

They don't believe we landed

People who don't believe we went to the Moon. They usually doubt many other things also that have already been proven.

One way street

Driver who drive the wrong way down a one way street ignoring the signs.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Clap for others

Why does the crowd clap on game shows when someone wins a lot of money? I would be annoyed it is not ME winning the money.

Sleepers in airports

People in the airport who use the seats as a bed to sleep on while waiting for their flight.

Stop for red lights on school bus

Drivers who don't stop on the road when the red lights are on a school bus.

Deli not open on time

You get in when the deli opens but they do not get in until 15 minutes later.

No 3 way bulbs

The supermarkets never seem to have the 3 way bulbs you need for your lamp.

Ice on food in freezer

Sometimes ice forms on the food in the freezer. It makes the food take longer to cook.

CAPS in everything they write

Some people online seem to love writing in all CAPS. This is shouting and it also makes the text hard to read.

They need the last word

Some people you talk to are so annoying and always have to have the last word. Why is the last word so important to them?

Don't throw it out the window

Drivers who throw their garbage out the car window.

Slow down in the snow

Drivers who always go fast even when snow is falling.

Borrow money

People who always ask to borrow money from you.

Male or female name

Not knowing if someone is male or female, since their name can mean either sex.

People who don't recycle

I thought everyone had to recycle? How come some people throw cans in the regular trash?

Too much perfume

People who put the entire bottle of perfume on.

Salad before meal

Why do you have to have salad before a meal when you eat out now? Years ago nobody even ate salad at home, let alone in a restaurant.

Button loose on clothes

Buttons loose on clothes. This happens on pajamas and shirts a lot and you can't button them before you go to bed.

Strings on clothes

How come a loose string is always on clothing? Pulling it does not work. You have to use a scissors.

Button worn on remote control

Having just one button wear out on the remote control making the entire remote control useless.

Too many remotes

Remote controls are a great idea, but now every product has one and you have a few of them in every room.

Don't cut nails here

People who cut their nails any place in the house.

Flush the toilet

People who never flush the toilet after they go.

People who spoil their kids

Too many toys and even cars when they get older.

Don't burp near me

Why do some people always have to burp when they eat?

Phones in commercials

Why do they have to annoy you with phones ringing in commercials? You never know if it is your phone in the house.

Wigs and hair extensions

I remember years ago it was not IN to wear them.

I can't open it

Some of the DVD movies are so hard to open because of that wrapper that they come in.

Animals in bed

People who sleep with their animals in their bed and wind up smelling like them.

People who curse

Every other word is another curse when they talk.

On the phone and Internet

Some people use the instant messenger and the phone at the same time making it impossible to hold a normal conversation with them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Move over a little

When you are driving on the road and the car on the other side refuses to move over; they rather you move over.

Back out already

People staying in the parking stall talking in their car while you are waiting for them to back out so you can park there.

No rude people

On game shows nobody is ever rude, but in life this is not the case.

No more heat

Having to adjust to cooler temperatures after a hot summer.

Talking in parking stalls

People who stand in an empty stall and have a conversation with someone and don't move, forcing you to park someplace else.

Parking lines are worn out

Some parking lots have the white lines worn out for the stalls. You don't know where to park.

Speed bumps in parking lots

How high do they have to make these? Some of them it is like driving up a mountain.

Dent and leave

People who dent your car in a parking lot and just leave as if nothing happened.

School bus in parking lots

A giant school bus in parking lots taking up a few stalls at once.

Change the commercial

A company showing an annoying commercial and running it for years without changing it.

Wrong web site

You type in the wrong address of a website and you get a page full of ads and pop-ups.

Back out and don't look

People who back out of a parking stall and don't look to see who is coming behind them.

Wood in parking stall

It always seems the stall you want to park in has a piece of wood or other object in it that you don't want to drive over.

Speeding in parking lots

People who speed through the parking lots even though people are backing up and walking all over the place.

Handicap parking stalls

People who park in the handicap stall but have no handicap.

Parking close to the store

People who park close to the store all the time and you can't get a close parking stall.

Bottles in parking lots

Can someone pick them up so you can park your car without getting a flat tire?

Parking in two stalls

The car that always parks in two parking stalls so you can't even fit into one of them.

Big truck parks next to you

It always seems a big truck parks right next to you car even when most of the parking lot is empty.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Too many style clothes

So which one of the million styles of clothes in the stores is the one that is IN this year?

Big SUV's

Why does someone need one just to go to work each day? They block your vision on the road if you are behind one and use gas like crazy.

Cold bathroom in winter

In the winter you freeze your butt off in there.

Powder on mirror

The powder always seems to collect on the mirror in the bathroom. After awhile you can't see anything clear enough in it.

Crowded but nobody is there

They say they are busy and have no open appointments, but when you walk in for your appointment you are the only one there.

The fridge sweats

In the summer the refrigerator always gets moisture on the inside.

A better new model

How can the new model appliances always be better? What were last years models then?

Not that weird

Strange people are on some talk shows, but in real life you never know anyone quite so strange.

Tune in to weird people

Why watch talk shows with weird people on? You just have to go on the Internet for that.

Everyone dreses nice

On the game shows everyone has good clothes on. In real life though people wear rags.

Tune in next time

It is annoying when you have to tune in to the next show before the contestant gets to the big question.

Get on with it

Sometimes the host talks so much on game shows without getting on to the next question.

Too smart

Some game shows seem to have smart people on, but in real life you never meet anyone this smart.

Excited people

Why do some people get so excited on the game shows? The chance you are going to take home anything is slim.

How long are you flying

Not knowing how long someone has been flying the plane. I rather have someone with more experience.

Flight delays

The flight you are on is the one that is always delayed. But if you took the flight before yours, you would be OK.

Loud talkers in airports

The group that always seems to talk loud in airports. Why not just talk quietly?

Private eating

It is nice to have a place to eat in airports if so many people were not around you watching you eat. How about private areas to eat?

Happy to be home

When people greet someone coming off the plane and block your way.

Not him

The person that you hope would not get on your flight is the one that always seems to go on your flight.

Too many in bathroom

I like a bathroom where people don't come in and out of every second. How about a private bathroom for one?

Big air cleaners

Why do they make the air cleaners so big when most rooms are small?

Not all hi-def

How come some channels still are not in hi-def? They should all broadcast in hi-def by now.

Crushed boxes

The boxes for food in the frozen aisles always seems to be crushed.

No low acid orange juice

Supermarkets sometimes don't have the low acid orange juice.

Which aisle

Going to the supermarket and trying to find which aisle something is in. Some things are more easier to find than others.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wagon in front of you

People reading about a product in the aisle and parking their wagon right in front of you so you can move yours.

No Merry Christmas

Stores not greeting you by saying "Merry Christmas". I thought Christmas was a federal holiday?

Driving out of airport

One airport I was in was so big I didn't know how to actually get out of it with the car. Too many different roads and exits.

Too many people at airports

The amount of people are some airports is just amazing. Walking through the crowds is like trying to exit a maze.

Huge size of some airports

Some airports are so big you wonder how anybody knows where they are going.

Cheap vacations

Deciding you want to travel far away on your vacation, but after you see the cost it would be, you wind up staying local.

Not much time for bills

Getting bills in the mail and seeing the due date for it is only a week and a half away.

Famous people in commercials

Why do a lot of famous people do commercials? Don't they have enough money from TV shows and movies?

Dramatic commercials

Dramatic commercials that look like mini-movies. Why not make movies if they can make a great commercial?

Phone bills

Can anyone understand the phone bills?

Switched channels

It is hard enough to remember where over 100 channels are. Why do they keep switching the channels around all the time to a different number?

Birds pecking on your roof

They wake you up on the morning and some peck on your roof and make annoying tapping noises.

Loud air cleaners

Why do they have the medium and high speed on these? If you use some of them on those settings, you can't hear anything in the room.

Filter is too expensive

Having to vacuum out the air cleaner filter again because the new ones cost over $25 each to buy.

Air cleaner filter filled

The air cleaner filter always seems filled up with dust once again.

Endless dust in the air

Where does all this dust come from? Even with the air cleaners on you still have to dust.

Cell phone features

Some of the features on cell phones are so hard to learn how to use. How did everyone learn how to use cell phones?

Only one super video input

Most of the older TV sets have only one super video input even though you have two or more electronic items to plug in.

Power on light is too bright

On some electronics the led power on light is so bright you have to put tape over it. Why do they make it so bright?

Remote control is lost

The remote control always seems missing after someone uses it. It usually takes a few minutes to find it.

Tape left in VCR

Someone always leaves a tape in the VCR when they are done watching it. You try to put your tape in and you can't.

Video tape ran out

Recording your favorite show on the timer and having the tape run out before the show is finished.

Lint on clothes

Certain clothes seem to attract lint a lot more than others. Getting it off is not easy.

Toenail hurts in sock

Forgetting to cut your toenail and having the sock feel tight in the front. Sometimes the toenail goes through the sock.

New socks are tight

When you buy a new pair of socks, they are always so tight at first and hard to get on until they stretch.

No over the calf socks

It is annoying when the stores never have over the calf socks. The little ones that don't come up high don't keep you warm in winter.

Apartment just as good

Why do some people look down on someone if they live in an apartment? What if they want to save money?

Loud talkers in restaurant

Why do people talk loud in the booth next to you in a restaurant when they know most people in other booths will be bothered by it?

Eggs burnt

Why do eggs seem to get burnt a lot of the time when you eat out when they are a simple food to make?

Raising taxes don't work

Why do people keep raising taxes all the time to solve the budget problems when it never works?

High cable rates

It seems you need a separate job just for the cable bill since the rates go up too fast to keep track.

Hi-def channels not clear

It is nice to have hi-def channels. Now if they only came in as clear as they should be so we can watch them.

Let them talk

Inviting a guest on a talk show and then attacking them and not letting them get a word in. Why invite them on?

Toothpaste in sink

Someone that always spills some toothpaste and leaves it in the sink all the time.

Too much toothpaste

Everyone wants a different brand and kind of toothpaste making for a few different ones laying all over the bathroom.

Sink counter all wet

Someone that washes their hands and splashes the entire sink counter with water.

No batteries for remote

Having to replace the dead batteries in the remote control and realizing that you don't have any of that size in the house.

Salesmen ringing away

People trying to sell you something that knock hard on your door or ring the bell a few times until you answer.

Weather is on all at same time

Trying to listen to a few channels weatherman on the news, but they all put the weather on at the exact same minute so you can hear only one weather report.

Raise don't help

Getting more money on your job and realizing that it still does little to get you richer.

Blowing leaves

Leaves blowing from the other persons house right in front of your house because they didn't rake them up.

No thank you

Getting someone at your door that never says thank you after you give them the candy.

No part for exercise machine

Keeping a good old exercise machine and having it break. Then you find out they don't make parts for it anymore.

Wrong fabric clothing

Forgetting and buying the fabric on clothes that itches your skin.

Cutting grass when damp

Cutting the lawn and finding out that it was too wet to cut. The grass does not bag as well and you have to go over it again.

Don't step in it

Cutting the grass and stepping in dog crap that you never saw on your lawn.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Too much free time on vacation

Happy you have two weeks off from work but find out that you have nothing to do and want to go back.

How much turkey to buy

You never know for Thanksgiving how big of a turkey to buy. Sometimes too much turkey is leftover.

Scratches on coins

Why can't they make coins that don't get nicked and get all scratches over the front and back?

Too many computer models

How many different computer models do we need to select from? I just want something that can go online.

Mole tunnels on lawn

The moles that like to to tunnel under your grass leaving a lawn with all bumps on it.

Dead animals on road

It always seems the road you travel on has the dead animal that nobody will pick up.

Reporting bad news and not sad

How can it be that people can report bad news all the time on TV without being sad?

People who whisper

People who whisper to their friend about you while you are all out together rather then just saying it in front of you.

Toast crumbs in mayonnaise

It is so annoying when someone puts the knife in the mayonnaise jar and winds up leaving all toast crumbs in it because they are having toast.

Clothes not in your color

Some clothes for some reason do not come in the color you want even though the color is popular.

Tags in shirts

Some of the tags in shirts where the size is written on always bother your back. The tags inside shirts should be made smaller.

Not many Christmas lights on block

Living on a block where not many people decorate for Christmas.

Straight grass cutting

Trying to cut the grass straight and finding out that you cut it totally crooked.

People on the floor above

Hearing the people walking on the floor above you. No wonder why people like the highest floor to live on.

Finding a cheap apartment

Trying to find a good and cheap apartment in an age where there is no such thing as cheap.

Sloppy people all over

Your apartment is clean, but you find out you have sloppy neighbors on all four sides of you.

Only one candy counter open

Sometimes early on only one counter is open and it takes about 10 minutes before you can get the candy and are sitting.

Rising movie ticket prices

Rising ticket prices make it that now even in the daytime it cost a lot to go.

Too many versions of movies

Some movies on DVD have, extended cut, directors cut, international version... . Which version are you supposed to buy?

Small cell phone buttons

Some of the cell phone buttons they make now are so small it is hard to press just one button with your finger.

Mold in bathroom

Mold seems impossible to get rid of in the bathroom.

Soap on show curtains

Someone getting soap on the inside of the shower curtains all the time. The soap is hard to get off.

No low fat in some foods

Not having a low fat version of your favorite food. The regular fat version has too much fat and calories.

Paint never spills on TV

Watching a home show on painting your rooms never seeing any paint spill on their clothes or anything. When you paint your room, the paint gets over everything.

Stock price went up

Thinking you will get a stock at the price today, but tomorrow the stock goes up and you wind up paying more for each share.

Stock commissions

Buying stocks and finding out that the commission is near $20 per order.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No tax refund

Expecting a tax refund and then finding out that you owe tax at the end of the year.

No bench seats on cars

The cars today no longer have front bench seats it seems. These are more comfortable than bucket seats are. You have to buy an 80s car just to get a bench seat in the front.

Beach water

Deciding to go near the water but finding out that it is not as clean as you thought it was.

Long load DVD times

On some DVD players, the player takes a long time to load the disc before the movie actually starts.

VCR tracking

Having to adjust the tracking on the video tape, but it still does not work because it was taped on someone elses VCR.

Remote controls are too big or too small

Some remote controls are just too big to hold for long. Other remotes are too small. How come they can't get the size right after over 20 years?

Four way stop signs

Four way stop signs near a school take as long as a light before you can go sometimes.

Expressway signs with letters

Do we really need to have 24a, 24b, 24c, for the expressway exits? Why can't we make a new number?

Bent street signs

People who like to bend a street sign so you can't read the sign without getting out of your car.

Missing road signs

Someone taking the sign out of the ground and you don't what exit to get off at.

No lights above the sign

It is annoying when they put a sign on the side of a road with no lights near or above the sign and you can't read it well at night.

Graffiti on signs

Graffiti on road signs where the graffiti is on the number you need to see to get off at the exit.

Broken road signs

Road signs that are bent over or broken and not fixed for years.

Bigger selection of eyeglasses

It would be nice to have a bigger selection of eyeglasses when buying a new pair. Many styles look exactly the same.

Exercising after a meal

Exercising after you eat and finding out that you can't move as well after a heavy meal.

Sit ups and six packs

Doing sit ups for years and you still don't get those six pack abs they always show you.

Little cent stamps

Having to use many of those little stamps worth a few cents to make up for the increase in the new priced stamps.

Too many mail advertisements

Getting all advertisements in the mail instead of getting a check for once.

Mail in wrong box

Your private mail getting delivered to another house instead of your own.

Snow then sleet

Worrying about a snow storm coming, but then it turns to sleet and makes the roads even worse to travel on.

Using car as a sled

People driving down the street fast when snow is on the ground just so they can spin their car around, at the same time coming close to your car in the street.