Thursday, October 30, 2008

Loud vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are so loud it is no wonder people don't clean their house as often as they should.

Bias news channels

I thought all news channels had to be in the middle and not support any candidate?

Democrat vs Republican

Your friend is a Democrat and you are a Republican. This leaves many topics not open for discussion without arguing.

Weak toothpaste tubes

The toothpaste getting near the end. You squeeze the tube but the sides start to break.

Bathroom floor wet

Someone finishes taking a shower and leaves the rugs and floor in the bathroom all wet from the water.

Station logos

Why does it have to be shown all the time? It would be nice not to see the station logo in the corner of the screen once the show starts.

News tickers

These are on the bottom of the screen on major news channels.

Expensive eyeglasses

Why do they cost so much? They still scratch and wear out after just a few years of daily use.

Loud toilets

They still make a lot of noise when you flush them. It can wake the house up at 3 a.m. between that and the door.

Loud people

People talking loud or laughing loud all the time.

Nobody at the IM

You IM someone online but they are always away from the computer. It seems you can never get in touch with them.

Roads blocked off

An accident happens and you have to turn down a different road. Now you get lost going down a road you have never been on before.

Tar pebbles on roads

They just paved the road but leave a load of tar pebbles on the road. They go in your car wheel wells when you drive over them. Why can't anybody sweep them up?

Humidity at 100%

The heat is bad enough, but the humidity is even worse in the summer.

Too many spiders in summer

So many spiders come in the house in the summertime. Where do they all come from?

Too much soap on clothes

Putting too much soap in to wash your clothes making them smell even worse than before you washed them.

Dryer lint screen

Forgetting to change the lint screen on the dryer and your clothes are full of lint.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gum on sidewalks

Why do people throw gum on the sidewalks and parking lots knowing ahead of time someone will step in it?

Buttons on remote control

You get something with a remote control and find the buttons for everything are in all weird places.

Best news story is last

They put the best news story on last so you have to watch the entire news program.

Lights blink with A/C

Sometimes this happens in the summer when it clicks on.

Small eyeglass screws

Why are the eyeglass screws so small? How are you supposed to fix them if you have to tighten up a screw?

Some voice

People who think they can sing when they really can't.

Pretend you like the gift

Pretending you like a gift that you really have no need for or really don't like at all.

Drivers changing lanes

Some drivers seem to use the road as an obstacle course test. They go in and out of cars and keep switching lanes just to get ahead.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Phones are too heavy

Some cell and house phones are still heavy to hold for long periods of time. We need some lighter weight phones. Most of the weight is in the battery.

Steam showers

Someone taking a steam show that leaves the bathroom so hot it is almost impossible to see anything.

Hairspray smell

Someone who just comes out of the bathroom that used a load of hairspray. It takes forever to clear the room.

Hair on the soap

Don't rub the soap bar on your body. It gets all hair on it.

Toilet paper used up

The last person who uses the roll up should put a new roll on. Otherwise you have to find a new roll when you are sitting on the bowl.

Low water pressure

Everyone using water for lawns and pools in the summer that you have no water pressure in the house.

Sunset is early

It gets dark out so fast in the winter you have no time really do anything outside the house.

Long elections

The election process seems to take forever. One week can seem like a month hearing the same speeches over and over.

Holiday traffic

Everyone having the same idea and leaving early in their car to travel for the Holiday.

How much money you earn

Why do people care about how much money you make?

Too many cell phone models

How many different cell phone models do we need?

Merry Christmas

Now some people get offended if you say Merry Christmas. Why can't people just relax more and not get offended by everything?

Squirrels over house

Squirrels that run up the side of your house and make a home in your attic by breaking the attic screen.

Late appointments

You make an appointment for someone to come to your house for a repair but they are always late.

Noisy dishwashers

Some of these make so much noise when they are on.

Bathroom interruptions

As soon as you get undressed to go in the shower someone has to use the bathroom.

It comes with no cables

The cable you need to hook up a DVD player or VCR is sold separate. Then you find out the cable cost $20 or more to buy.

People who park close to you

People parking so close that you can't open your door without denting their door with your door when you get out.

Salesmen calling late

Calls late at night are annoying.

People who hang up

Someone calling but not leaving a message on the recorder. It only takes a few seconds to say your name and what you are calling for.

Flashlight batteries

They cost a lot of money the batteries but they never seem to last a long time when you put them in a flashlight. The light gets dim pretty fast.

Garbage cans in street

Garbage passing early and people not picking up the cans until late at night. What is worse is on a windy day when they are in the middle of the street rolling around.

Dry air in winter

Air is too dry in the winter. It makes your skin dry and you also get thirsty all the time.

Magazines full of ads

Magazines with not many articles and pictures but ads throughout the magazine.

Left or right newspapers

Why not have all newspapers neutral? Have people report on both sides rather than one sided articles in the entire paper.

Mouse button broke

This is the worst when it happens when you are online in the middle of something.

Short power cords

Why do they make the power cords on some things so short? It is almost impossible to reach the outlet sometimes.

No privacy online

Since nobody has any privacy left online anymore, why bother to list a privacy policy on web sites?

Forum registration

On some forums you have to fill out so much information before you join. Then you have to click on an email to activate your account before you can post anything.

Drivers using cell phones

People talking on the cell phone while driving and forgetting to put on blinkers when turning.

Loud commercials

The commercials on TV get so much louder than the show is sometimes. You always got to have your hand on the volume control.

Loud furnaces

These things make a racket. I hope one day we can have a furnace that heats the house that is silent.

Dented cans

One can is left for the item you want but it is the dented can which nobody wants.

Expensive magazines

Why do they cost so much? It is like $4-$5 for one issue of a magazine.

Hard seeds in popcorn

You bite into popcorn and sometimes get the hard middle.

Chocolate melting

Going out to buy chocolate and then having the chocolate melt in the summer before you bring it home.

Live audio problems

How come in 2008 some live shows always have audio problems? The sound sometimes goes out or does not work right.

Electronics product colors

Why make just silver in some TV sets and other audio/video products? Black looks nice also.

Keyboard key broken

One key is not working so the entire keyboard is useless. Words that have missing letters when someone types are a sure sign someone has a broken key.

Loud lawnmowers

Someone who runs them at high speed all the time making the sound twice as loud. Some of these lawnmowers can make you deaf. They do have a low speed which works just as well.

Saving money

Saving $1.00 a week sounds nice but still makes you poor after 50 years.

Dirty money

Getting money that is dirty rather than crisp new bills all the time. Where has this money been?

It is broken

When you finally saved enough money to buy something, then something breaks costing a fortune to fix.

Wrong stocks

You try making money in stocks but you picked the wrong ones and they all lost value.

Cost of living

You make more money but the cost of everything has gone up so you can't break even.

Bank CD rates

You want to open a bank CD but the rates just dropped near savings account levels.

Commercials before movies

How many previews and commercials do we have to see before the actual movie itself?

Dogs on lawns

Why do other peoples dogs have to go to the bathroom on your lawn? Why can't they go on their own lawns?

Food ingredients

Most of the ingredients on the food labels you have no idea what they are and what they do.

One hand out the window

Why do some people have to drive with one hand out the window of their car?

Time for appointments

They never seem to have the hour you want for your appointment. Everyone always picks the same time.

Changing time on clocks

Changing times on all the clocks in your house either ahead an hour or back an hour is annoying with all the electronics people own today.

Loud speakers

Loud voices on the speakers they use to page people. This is annoying especially in the morning.

Express lines

The supermarket express line is as slow as the regular lines because of more people using it.

Supermarket readers

People reading about products while blocking your wagon so you can't move.

Broken wagons

When you go to the supermarket and you get a wagons that does not wheel right because a wheel is broken.

Phone taxes

The taxes on the phone bill are more money than the cost of the phone calls.

Phone features

How many new features do you need on a house phone? It seems something new is out all the time.

Experation dates

The expiration dates are always seem not long enough on the food you buy.

Long deli lines

Waiting on the long deli line. The deli line seems to be the longest line in the store all the time.

Friends on dates

When someone brings a friend along with them on a date.

Cell phones on dates

Answering a ringing cell phone on a date.

Can't hold a conversation

Someone who can't hold a conversation in person. You usually do all the talking during the date.

Late dates

People who don't arrive on time for a date or decide not to show up.

Friendly or snobby

They sounded nice on the phone but are snobby in person.

Election promises

Nobody ever does what they promise they will do when they give the speeches.

People who don't let you voice your opinion

Everyone should hear other peoples opinions on things besides just their own.

People who love to argue all the time

Some people seem like they will do anything just to start an argument with you.

People who talk over you

Some people seem to talk over you all the time as if they can't hear you.

People into money

People who are just out for money all the time.

People who know it all

People who think they know it all.

Monday, October 27, 2008

People who never agree

People who don't agree with you on any topics. It sometimes seems like they purposely don't agree with you just so you get more annoyed.

Mail opened

Why does mail sometimes come opened?

Halloween candy complaints

Children who complain about the candy given to them when it is free.

Halloween eggs

People who throw eggs on Halloween and it hits your car.

Getting teeth fixed

People with a lot of money who still don't fix their teeth.

Tooth cavities

How can such a small thing like a tooth hurt so much when you have a cavity?

Dental floss

Sometimes this gets stuck in between teeth because of a filling. Try getting it out when this happens without taking the filling out with it.

Sensitive teeth

Teeth that are sensitive to hot or cold liquids.

Teeth get yellow

Teeth seem to stain or get a yellow color over time. Teeth are a hassle to keep the same color it seems your entire life.

Dentist waits

Someone who is in the chair for an hour.

Fillings come out

New technology so fillings last a lifetime would be great one day.

Teeth pulling

I rather have teeth repaired rather than have them pulled out.

Numb gums

The needle still pinches bad when they inject the Novocain into your gums.

Microwave too small

The microwave oven is too small to heat many things in at once.

Small cars cost a lot

The smaller cars cost as much as the bigger ones.

New car models

New car models each year are improved but still have flaws.

Car brakes

Brakes still don't last long enough on cars. No new technology yet to make them last much longer?

Car controls in wrong places

Controls like knobs still get put in the wrong place sometimes even after all these years.

Cheap car interiors

The interiors of most cars are still made of plastic and feel cheap.

Expensive cars still break

No matter how much money you spend for a better car, they still break all the time.

Car cost

The cost of buying a car is more than most peoples life savings.

Turkey time

Everyone in the family always wants to eat the Thanksgiving turkey at a different time. Maybe we should average the times outs?

Christmas gifts

It is hard to keep picking out something to buy someone year after year. After awhile they have everything.

Bloated stomach

Eating too much food for Thanksgiving. Your stomach comes out about 6 inches more.

Turkey is dry

Working hard to make a nice turkey for Thanksgiving, but the turkey comes out overcooked and dry.

What to do for Thanksgiving

One person in the family wants to eat here, the next person wants to eat at another house... .

Christmas lights

Buying Christmas lights and getting home finding out they don't work.

Online avatars

Why do people pick an avatar of someone who is not them?

Online handles

Some online handles are offensive. Why not pick a less offensive one?

Strict online forums

Forums having too many strict rules to follow.

Paint brushes

Rinsing out the brushes and rollers when you are done is also a big job.

Moving furniture

Moving the furniture out and then back in the room is a job in itself if you are going to paint.

Dryer breaking

You can't dry your clothes. But worse is all the lint that is on them all the time.

Off paint colors

Paint colors never look the same on the wall as they do on the can or color charts.

Stepping in paint

Paint dripping from ceiling on floor and then you step on it. It is not even possible to usually remove it all.

Painting with corner brushes

Corner brushes never work and make the job harder. The paint usually still gets in the wrong spots.

Paint smells bad

Paint smells terrible and the smell sometimes does not go away for weeks even after the room is finished.

Volume level on TV shows

It seems that each channel has a different volume level. Why can't they all be the same volume level?

Tube sets that weigh a ton

Old TV sets that weigh more than solid led does. Try lifting the old 27 inch TV sets.

TV channel switching time

The delay between switching a channel and when the picture comes on on the digital cable boxes.

TV tube warm up time

The old TV sets that take a long time to warm up before the picture comes on.

Bad TV reception

The reception is fuzzy and you can't watch your show clear enough.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Driver cutting you off

Drivers who cut you off just to save a few seconds. This won't really add much to saving time for the day.

Blasting car radios

Someone blasting their car radio so loud that you can't hear your own radio.

Super dark windows on cars

Cars having dark windows so you can't see who is driving or in the back seats.

Speeding around turns

People going fast even around roads that have sharp turns.

The fruit is rotten

Getting fruit and not checking it in the store. When you go home almost all of it is rotten.

Buying pulp orange juice

You forget and buy the orange juice that has the pulp in it instead.

Air conditioner noise

When you plug your new a/c in, you find out that it makes a racket.

Small TV sets

You bring home the new TV set which hardly fits in your truck, then find out that the screen size you got is not big enough.

Milk containers leaking

All of the milk containers that are left are the leaking containers.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Light bulbs burn out too fast

The bulbs are always burning out at night in the kitchen so you have to eat in the dark until you change them. Can't we make bulbs yet that can last 10 years or longer?

Bills for mail

You wait for the mail for something that you ordered but the mail is just all bills that are due.

They never have your shoe size

You finally find a great pair of sneakers but the size you want is usually never there.

Only one barber is in

Waiting 1 hour for a haircut because only one barber is in.

Snow plows blocking your car in

You are happy they are finally plowing your street. But after coming plowing, your car is buried in snow from the plow now. Now it is time for the shovel.

Hot vacations

Heat waves happening just the week you are home from work. Then when you go back to work the weather cools off.

Repeat episodes on TV

Waiting all week for a show and finding out that it is a repeat of a previous episode instead.

Speeding through stop signs

People going through stop signs at 40 mph.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Four way stop signs

Coming to a four way stop sign and nobody knows who goes first.

Expensive video game systems

They stopped making games for your old video game machine. But the new video game system cost $400.

Upgrading computers

Your computer can't run the latest software. You either have to buy more ram or another computer.

Having to upgrade the computer O/S

Can't we stay with the same O/S on our computers if we want to?

Big car repairs

You bring in a car for a small job like an oil change, and then find out you need $1,000 worth of repairs.

Order mistakes

Waiting weeks for a package then you get it and find out they shipped you the wrong size or color. It takes forever to send it back and get the right one.

Dirty car exhaust

Driving behind someone that has not cleaned their exhaust for years. You have to drive behind a smoke screen the entire way.

Not using turn signals

Waiting to make a right turn while the other car didn't put his blinkers on to let you know that he is turning. You could have made your turn a long time ago.

Talkers at barbershops

The guy in front of you is telling his life story to the barber so he takes extra long before he can get to your hair.

Drivers going too slow

Getting behind someone on a road while you are in a hurry and they see you in the rear view mirror but still go slow anyway.

Rain on vacations

Planning a vacation for an entire year, then it rains the entire week that you are home.

$300 food bill

Going online behind someone who didn't make a shopping in a month and has the entire wagon filled with food. They had over a $300 food bill.

Cable outages

The cable goes out right before the show you waited an entire week for.

Long wait at barbershops

Waiting 2 hours in a crowded barbershop because everyone decided to go right before the holidays like you

No appointments

You wait weeks for an appointment and they tell you that you don't have any appointment since they forgot to write it down or wrote the wrong time and date.

Mail comes at end of day

Being on the end of the route so that you don't get mail each day until 4 p.m. while others get it at 10 a.m..

Printer ink sold out

The stores are always sold out of the ink for your printer model, but they have all the ink for the other printers.

Hat sizes are too small

Why not make all hats adjustable? Everyone has a different size head.

Newspaper ink

I would love to read newspapers with ink that does not come off on your hands.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Music playing on web pages

Music playing automatically when you load a page.

Too many program updates

Having to download updates for programs all the time. They take forever on a dial-up. The worst is the game updates.

A big red X for the picture

Sites where some pictures do not load. The big red X is there instead of the picture.

Ads that float across the screen

Ads that move across the screen while you are on a site. How annoying can you get?

Too many pop-up ads

Clicking on a link and you get pop-up ads.

Server down

You go on a site but the server is down.

Browser crashes

Browser crashing and you forget the web address of the page you were on.

Modem disconnects in middle of filling out forms

Disconnections when you are in the middle of filling out a form. All the information has to be typed in again.

Videos to slow to download

Your dial-up connection is to slow to download videos. You can start downloading one and make lunch by the time it finishes.

Heavy air conditioners

We need some models out that don't weigh 200 pounds.

Dripping sink faucets

We need a sink faucet that never drips. The drips keeps you up all day and night.

Not enough electric outlets

With all the electronic items we own today, you need a house that has a place to plug something in like every few feet.

Too many best of music albums

How many top hit CDs do we need by each music artist?

Big TV screen sizes

They make them bigger all the time. What if they can't fit in your room?

Too many different models

You search for a VCR or a DVD player but you have like hundreds of different models to choose from.

Dogs barking all the time

Some dogs bark all day. Some bark all night.

Noisy birds waking you up

The worst thing is when birds decide to get up at 7 a.m. and make a bunch of noise while you are still sleeping in bed.

Too many leaves falling

In the autumn, so many leaves fall off the trees it turns into a bigger job cleaning them up than cutting the grass.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Laptops are too heavy

We still need to work on lighter laptops that don't put a dent in your bed mattress if you use them on there.

Dust under laptop keys

If you use it in a bedroom, before long all keys have either dust or hair underneath them.

Turning on red lights

Some people ignore the signs that say "no turn on red".

Locks on cars freezing

The ice storms sometimes freeze the locks so that you can't put your key into it.

Colors on web pages

Some websites the colors make the page hard to read. Some use a rainbow of colors.

Fonts are too small

Some fonts on the Internet are so small you can't read the page. Others are so big you can go blind reading the page.

Too many ads on web pages

Some pages have so many ads that you have to scroll the page down before you get to any content.

Too many pictures on web pages

Some websites have so many pictures on the page, it takes forever to load if you have a dial-up modem.

Car paint scratches

How come they can't yet make car paint that does not scratch?

High stamp prices

I think one day it might be cheaper if you walked to deliver the letter if prices keep going up.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Setting VCR clocks

The VCR should get the time on its own.

Remotes that don't light up

How come remotes still don't light up at night? It is hard changing channels in the dark. I guess you have to keep the lights on.

Too many kinds of cookies

Too many kinds of cookies now to choose from can take a long time to select one.

Empty shelves

Going early to beat the crowds but nothing is stocked up in the supermarket that early in the morning.

Coupons on boxes

Coupons on boxes are annoying since you have to cut them out.

Small print on food labels

The print is so small on some food labels you usually can't read it in the supermarket.

Sports clock time is forever

One minute in a sports game left is really like 10 minutes. Waiting for your show to come on takes forever.

Music in commercials

Every commercial now on TV has a song that is played in the background.

Too long to paint a room

TV shows show a room being painted it seems in just a few hours time. How does it go so fast on TV?

Paint getting on the rugs

Every time when you paint the baseboards in rooms, paint always gets on the rugs.

Lines wearing out on roads

They wear out and it seems nobody paints them ever again.

Never paving popular roads

It seems as though some popular roads get paved once every 30 years or so even though potholes are every few feet from each other.

Late running sports shows

Why can't they show a little box in corner if a game is running late so you can see the show at the same time that is supposed to be on?

Shopping carts all over parking lots

Every place should have a central location where you can return them rather than having to leave them in parking slots so people can't park their cars.

Not enough TV time for guest

They always say we only have so much time for their guests.

Everyone talking all at once

Why do the guests and the TV host have to talk over each other all the time during an interview?

People smelling the milk

I hate when someone has to smell the milk to see if it is still good or not.

Toast crumbs in the butter

Wipe the knife off before you put it back in the butter if you are having toast.

Too many wires

With all the electronic items we all have now, the rooms are like a jungle full of wires with everything plugged in.

Beds not lasting

Springs start to sag on beds over time.

Changing presidential polls

Why show the polls if they change every day? Someone leading today is behind the next day.

Boring presidential debates

We need more interesting questions asked at the debates.

Too many online passwords

Having so many online accounts and having to remember all the passwords for them.

Filling out forms online

Filling out a form online to register for something, then something goes wrong and you have to re-enter the information all over again in every field.

Lightning storms

A storm coming fast and your house gets hit with a bad lightning strike.

Raising hands all at once

How come nobody raises their hands for questions? They all talk at the same time at news conferences.

Black and white TV shows

Some old shows would be nice to see in color.

News conference delays

How come they tell you 5 minutes before it starts but it usually is another 20-30 minute wait.

Sloppy track for horse racing

Waiting all weekend for a big race but it rains and the track is sloppy and many of your favorites horses are scratched.

Expired dates on food

Forgetting to check the date on food when you buy it at the supermarket and finding out it is spoiled when you get home.

Clothes for Christmas

Buying someone clothing then finding out it is the wrong size and does not fit them.

Too much Halloween candy

You buy a load of candy for the children, then not many come around and you get stuck with too much candy to eat.

High gas prices

Maybe we should all start learning how to use a bicycle again.

Slow modems

The web pages take forever to load on a dial-up today. In the 1990s everything came on the screen faster.

Poor voice quality on cell phones

How come after all these years peoples voices still drop out on cell phones? The voice is usually too low also.

Repetitive news all the time

The same news on TV 24/7 or writing about the same news story frequently in newspapers.

Breaking News for any story

They show BREAKING NEWS for anything now.

Noisy garbage trucks

The garbage truck passing by making a 100 db noise while you are still sleeping. Hearing that truck go by in the morning can wake the dead.

Commercials on TV all at once

All of the TV stations taking a commercial break at the exact same time. You can't flip the channel and watch something else.

Dusty computer screens

Computer laptops constantly have dust on them. You never can get rid of it.

Part missing when you buy something

You buy something and one part is missing and the store says you have to return the entire box rather than give you the part you are missing.

Paving roads during rush hour

Rush hour road construction is not the best time to pave a road.

Wrong weather forecast

You plan you weekend because you hear it will be sunny. Instead it rains the entire weekend.

Long traffic lights

Waiting for a 3 minute traffic light while you have ice cream in your car from the supermarket.

Construction work time

It always happens when you are either going to work or coming home from work. It never happens at 3am when no cars are out on the roads.

Eating during movies

Someone in front or behind of you eating during the entire movie. Popcorn and potato chips make too much noise.

Tall people in movies

Having a tall person sit in front of you so you can't see the movie.

Store sales

You see a great advertisement in the paper for something. When you go to the store, they are all sold out or never got the item in yet.

Store openings

They don't open the doors until the exact minute, even though it is 10 degrees outside and everyone is freezing.