Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mouthwash taste

Why does mouthwash taste so bad?

Dull nail clippers

Cutting your finger or toe nails with dull clippers and they won't cut right.

No itching cream

When you need it most in the dry winter months, you find out you didn't buy it yet.

Check for dates

Nobody seems to check for older dates on medicines. You always have to be the one to do the job.

No plunger when you need it

Every time it seems you need the plunger, it is never in the bathroom but in the laundry room.

Shampoo cap loose

Someone before you puts the shampoo cap on loose. The cap falls in the bathtub when you pick up the bottle.

Book is still out

Going to the library and finding out the book you want is still out.

Too many books

Trying to find the book you want in a big library that has shelves all over the place.

Quiet please

People who talk loud in the library.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Can we meet them all?

Not knowing who is renting in the building with you. Can we meet everyone in the apartment building before we rent there?

Size of bathroom on planes

Why are the bathrooms so small on a plane?

Too close seating on plane

The seating on a plane is just too close to each other. We need more room to stretch.

Air travel at night

Not knowing if you are flying over land or water in the pitch black sky at night.

Bouncy ride on plane

Turbulence on a plane seems like a roller coaster ride.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Christmas lights on all year

Some people seem to keep Christmas lights on their house all year long.

Always drinking

Why do some people always have to have a drink when they go out? How about a can of soda?

Wrinkles on sheets

Wrinkles on the sheets and blankets seem impossible to get rid of. They always seem to get creases and lines on them.

Don't cut the entire cake

People who have to cut the entire cake into slices ahead of time. What if I want a smaller or bigger slice?

Too much perfume

Standing behind someone on an escalator that has way too much perfume on.

How old is this elevator?

Getting on an elevator and not knowing how old it is or when it was last serviced.

Strange noises on elevator

Hearing noises on the elevator and not knowing what is going on with it.

Who is on this elevator?

Having to be in an elevator with people you don't even know.

Broken escalator

Walking near and escalator thinking you can relax going up. Then you found out the escalator is out of order and you have to walk up instead.

Escalator rails

It's hard to hold on to the side rails knowing that thousands of people just put their hands on them.

One sneeze is enough

People who have to sneeze three or four times before they are finished.

Fast people on escalators

These people are always in a hurry to get to the top and try to run you over from behind.

No white chocolate

Why is white chocolate so hard to find in the supermarkets?

Not enough chocolate chips

Some chocolate chip cookies seem to never have as many chocolate chips as they show on the bag.

Not enough chicken in soup

Buying a can of chicken soup and seeing that the can does not have enough chicken in it; it is mostly liquid.