Thursday, December 3, 2009

Horn blowers

As soon as the light turns green, someone blowing the horn behind you if you don't take off right away.

Movie commercials

Commercials that are show all the time before the movie starts that are either annoying or not funny.

Brown snow

Snow that turns brown from the dirt mixing with it on the roads.

Don't stare

People who stare at you in public even though they don't know you.

Flush the bowl

People in pubic restrooms who do not flush the bowl before they leave.

Toilet don't work

Going into a restroom with two stalls and only one stall works.

Movies that are too long

Movies that could be at least 30 minutes shorter in length.

Glitzy movies

Movies that are glitzy to cover up the bad acting in them.

Terrible movie sequels

Sequels to movies that are terrible and not like the first version.

No hand washing

People coming out before you in a restroom and not washing their hands.

Water on floor

Water seems to always be on the floors near the sinks in public restrooms.

Air dryers don't work

It is annoying when the air dryer does not work to dry your hands.

Dirty restrooms

Some look like they have not been cleaned in years.


People who call you "hun" without knowing you well enough.

Dirty keyboards

Computer keyboards that looked like they have never been cleaned even once.

Repeating movie lines

People who keep on repeating a line from a movie they like.

Drive to get mail

People who drive their car up to the mailbox so they don't have to walk outside to get the mail.