Sunday, August 30, 2009

Untangle this cord

Sometimes with the older telephones, the phone cord gets tangled and it is almost impossible to untangle.

No farting

People who insist on farting in public all the time.

Slow left lane drivers

Drivers who drive slow in the left lane rather than go in the right lane.

No thanks

People who don't say "thank you" after you hold a door open for them.

No paved driveways

People who don't pave their driveway and you have to park on stones or dirt.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Too many cobwebs

Having cobwebs all around the house from spiders in the summer.

Crazy people on planes

Having a weird or crazy person on the same flight that you are on.

Fussy apartment people

Why are some people so fussy about things in an apartment they do not own?

Angry people in airports

It always seems that there is at least one angry person in the airport at all times.

Dust on blinds

Cleaning dust off the blinds take forever. It seems impossible to keep off.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Falling socks

The elastic part on top of the sock stretches and your socks keep falling down all the time.

Winter coming

It is hard to get excited about autumn when in the next month you have to drive in ice and snow in the winter.

Camera on the act

On live shows where the camera pans to the audience too much instead of the live act on stage.

No hair on food

People who leave their hair on the water bottles or someplace else on food they take.

Clear the time

Some people never clear the time on the microwave if they take their food out early.