Monday, November 17, 2008

No results until the last minute

Waiting for the results of a live reality show, but they wait until the final few minutes of the hour before they tell you who is going home.

Certain size for avatars

Sites that want your avatar to be a certain size and no bigger. Why can't they resize it for you? This is annoying having to resize the picture.

Using picture of a girl for avatars

A lot of people with profiles pick a picture of some girl for their avatar so you click on their profile.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Too old to run

How can a candidate be too old to run in an election? Some younger people can't think as well. Some older people can think far better.

Foes then friends

The candidates talking negative about each other, then when the election is over everyone is friends again.

Age fussy on dates

How does a few years make a big difference in dating?

Slow people in malls

People who walk in crowded malls in slow motion, holding up everyone behind them.

Stores going of business

Finding that your favorite local store is going out of business.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Food packages hard to open

Why do they make some food so hard to open? Can't they first test and see if it is easy to open before they put it in the supermarket?

Make a good news cover

We need more front cover pages of newspapers listing good news for a change. Why the constant bad news on front covers all the time?

Out of style clothing

Who decides what clothes are not in style anymore?

Wild people on game shows

Why do all the game shows always have wild people on for contestants?

Audience clapping on shows

The audience on TV shows always seems to go crazy when someone comes on a show.

Silly commercials

Why are so many commercials silly?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Expressway tailgaters

These are the people who ride right behind you hoping you will move out of their way so they don't have to change lanes.

Knocking on bedroom door

Someone waking you up in the morning knocking on your door to tell you something that is really not that important.

Toilet takes too long to refill

They take too long to refill with water again before you can flush them.

No TV in room

Going to a doctor for a test with a usually long waiting line and finding out there is no TV in the room while you wait to get called.

Refrigerators are too small

Most of the refrigerators don't have enough room to store enough liquids on the upper shelf.

Cats all over

People who let their cats run all over other peoples property.

No leash for dog

People who walk their dog with no leash and the dog run all over the place.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Digital banners at games

Some of the digital banners on the sidelines of sports games flash too much now.

Tree sap on cars

Tree sap is hard to get off your car. Never park under a tree in the summer.

People knocking your team

Let everyone like the team they want to cheer for.

Salesmen calling at dinner

It always seems near dinner time or later that someone calls. Worse is on Sunday when you don't want anyone calling.

People who spit when talking

Some people shower you with spit when they talk.

People sneezing on you

It only takes a second to cover your mouth when you sneeze.

Street sweepers

They clean your street in the summer with them to pick up the dirt, but your car is in the way so they can't clean near your curb.

Talking on checkout lines

Someone in front of you telling the cashier their life story while you are in a hurry to get out of the supermarket.

Slow motion people on checkout lines

The person in front of you on the checkout line in supermarket moves in slow motion testing your patience.

People putting you on hold

Sometimes you have to wait forever on the phone until someone gets done taking another call.

People eating while on phone

Why do people eat while talking on the phone?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election polls

Everyone going by the polls the entire election, but when the final day comes nobody really knows who will win anyway.

Alarm clocks at 5 a.m.

Having the alarm clock ring loud early in the morning scaring the heck out of you.

One sided articles

You can sometimes tell from the first few sentences if the article is going to be bias or not.

Newspaper print too small

Some of the print in newspapers is just too small to read good enough. We need a bigger font.

No good news in newspapers

It would be nice to see some good news in the newspapers once in awhile instead of printing just bad news all the time.

Getting oil on your phone

When someone uses your phone and gets oil and dirt on the handset after they are done.

Root canal cost

The cost of a root canal is more than most people have in the bank.

Hair on clothes

Getting home and having to change clothes because of hair on them.

Cheaply made board games

It seems the older board games were made better. They had wooden pieces and fancy boards. Now everyone seems to use plastic pieces.

Beach sports

People who decide to play a sports game right where you set your space up.

People sitting close to you on beach

With all the room on the beach, why do some people have to sit so close to your space?

Cost of cereal

Why is cereal so expensive? It does not last very long if you have it every day.

Toys in cereal

Why do they put the free toys at the bottom of inside the cereal bag where you can't reach it?

Not your frozen vegetables

Going to the supermarket and not seeing the frozen vegetables you are looking for. But they have so many other kinds of vegetables that you do not like.

Buying the un-salted crackers

Buying crackers in the supermarket without the salt by mistake instead of the ones with the salt.

Rain wearing out the wood

With all the rain, you can't have wood outside a house that last very long.

Old carpets

As the carpets in your house get old, they start getting all bumpy. It is like walking on rocks.

Long waits at restaurants

Going when it is crowded to a restaurant and having to wait 30 minutes to get a seat and then wait another 15 minutes for the food to be served.

Radios on beaches

What if you don't like the song that someone is playing next to you?

Forgetting the sunscreen

Looking like a red lobster when you get home because you forgot the sunscreen.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All music is good

Why do people knock some genres of music?

Noisy windshield wipers

On some of the older cars the windshield wipers are so noisy.

Basic model cars

Why sell the basic level cars when they usually don't have enough features in it to actually drive it?

Expensive hub caps

Usually it does not pay to get the higher end hub caps on cars since they will be stolen before long.

Slow rear window defrosters

The rear window defroster always takes a long time to actually warm up and defrost the window.

Bathroom blow dryers

Someone blow drying their hair all the time after a shower. They take forever before they are finished.

Bathroom readers

Someone who always brings in a paper to read while they are in the bathroom.

Pillow covers too small

The pillow always seems bigger than the pillow covers.

Turning a mattress over

You can break your back turning over a mattress to clean.

News network rating

How come they just can't all get along? Who has higher ratings and so on just gets a little boring after hearing it for the 20th time.

Too many commercials

TV shows that take a commercial every 5 or so minutes.

Wrong order on fast food

Getting your order wrong and forgetting a hamburger, but not knowing it until you drive home and find it is missing.

Dew getting your shoes wet

Walking out in the morning and your shoes getting all wet from the dew on the grass.

More glossy pictures in magazines

Every picture in a magazine today should be in glossy color. Not just the cover of the magazine.

Web pages keep changing

Leave it the way it is. Some sites change the design of the page all the time. Too complex of a design makes it confusing. If it works don't fix it.

Hard drives breaking

Having to replace everything on a hard drive is a nightmare if it breaks.

Smiles all the time

It is funny how everyone smiles on the news all the time, but when you go out in public nobody ever smiles at you.

Too much makeup

Just how much makeup do people on TV put on? Their faces look like a wax figure sometimes. I never see anyone look that good when I go out in public.

Dropping soap in bathtub

When you are in the shower and drop the soap bar in the bathtub. Then you have to pick it up and use it still after everyone has stepped where the soap was.

Eyeglasses wearing out

After you own them for so many years they look nothing like they did the first day you bought them. Scratches are all over the lens.

Speeding in the Summer

It seems people love to drive faster in the Summer months.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Menus are dirty

Knowing a million people touched the menu before you that you now have to hold.

Can we pick the seat?

Not being able to pick your own place to sit at a restaurant.

Everyone eats at the same place

Everyone eats out at the same exact place at the same exact time it seems.

Walking fast in crowds

Walk slower in crowds so you don't go knocking everyone over. Saving a few seconds won't help much.

Not quitting the election

How come nobody ever quits elections even when they have only a 1% chance of winning?

City traffic

Drivers who like to cut everyone off on roads.

Speeding cars

Is getting to your destination 10 seconds faster really mean that much?

Clothing sizes are too big

Large, extra large, and extra extra large are the only sizes you find all the time when shopping for clothes. Why no small sizes?

Everyone is blonde on the news

How come every lady on the news has blonde hair now? What happened to black hair? I hope we don't all start wearing the same clothes next.

Wall paint fades

Paint fading over the years. Painting the walls takes forever, so we need a paint that last 30 years with no fading.

Letters wearing out on keyboards

I hate the older keyboards where the printed letters and numbers on them fade over time if you use them to much.

Backing out of driveways

Cars backing out of driveways without seeing other cars passing on the road behind them.

Bad pollen in summer

Sometimes pollen is so bad in the summer. It gets on your car, windows, and everything else outside. Sneezing from it is another problem.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Forever for appointments

When you schedule an appointment and there are no openings until weeks and weeks later.

Noisy fans

Some fans sound so noisy on high speed.

Not resigning chess games

When you are ahead by many chess pieces, and you have to trap the king and play until the very last move. The other player can't win so why does he bother to still play?

Smell from self-cleaning ovens

Can the smell get any worse when you clean the ovens?

Car horns blowing

Drivers parked on a driveway and just blowing the horn waiting for their friend to come out.

Can't turn music off in game

In some games I bought over the years you can't turn off the background music it seems for certain parts of the game.

Books and magazines not staying open

How many times do you buy a magazine or book and it is too big to stay open while you read it?

Thumb tacks falling out

The thumb tacks never stay in the wall. Calendars are the hardest to stay put.

Dust on picture frames

You can never get rid of dust and it always winds up on the picture frames all the time.

Holes in socks

You always got a hole in the big toe of socks, or the heel part of the sock just wears out.

Wearing shoes in the bedroom

I hate when people come into the bedroom with shoes on.