Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Too many exercise machines

Isn't it easier and cheaper just to go walking all the time?

Can't exercise too long

Setting a goal of working out for 10 minutes and you realize you can't even last for 5 minutes.

Cutting grass too short

Putting the blade too low on the mower and scalping the grass.

Riding mowers too big

Wanting a riding mower but they make a miniature one so it fits in your small property.

Gas for mowing lawn

Having to carry it in your car and put up with the smell on the way home.

Allergy to grass

Having an allergy to grass and having to cut the lawn in the summer.

Can't decide on tax

We can never all agree on a tax code to make everyone happy.


These are annoying to get. They hurt also sometimes.

No cure for colds

No cure for colds yet after all of these years. The worst part is that they take a long time to go away.

Annoying paper cuts

Paper cuts hurt more than anything. How can something harmless like paper hurt so much?

Wrong hot dogs

Finding out your bought the wrong kind of hot dogs. There are like dozens of kinds now. You have beef, turkey, half fat, low fat, pork, pork and beef, turkey and pork... .

Water before the meal

Water is served usually before the meal. The only water I am drinking is the one that comes out of a bottle though.

Water on the table

It seems a lot of the time spilled water is always on the table you get seated at.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Still trying to sell

Why call again and ask if someone is interested if they already said they are not interested?

Not picking up the seat

People who don't pick up the seat before they go to the bathroom.

Driving on dates

If someone lives far away, it is easier to meet half-way rather than someone driving an hour to their doorstep.

Chased by dogs

Riding a bike and having a dog chase you while the owner is no place to be found.

Too many pets

Why do some people have to keep 20 cats in the house? Isn't it cheaper per year just to visit a zoo?

Music albums no longer made

You want to buy a CD but they no longer make that album. This happens a lot with the best of collections.

Blinding sun while driving

The Sun seems stronger in the winter. Some hours of the day it is so strong you can't even drive without squinting.

Dead pixels

This sometimes happens on LCD screens where one pixel does not light up or change colors.

Latest style eyeglasses

Picking out the latest style does not help much since that style will be out of style soon enough.

Butt showing in pants

Some of those very low jeans, you can see someone's butt.

Every place is bad

Deciding on where to move to, but almost every neighborhood you look into has some crime.

Broken during the move

Finding out some of your electronics no long work because of being moved on roads with all potholes in them.

Finding a new neighborhood

How can you decided on a new neighborhood when you have to go over a thousand of them?

Label boxes before you move

This is annoying as can be. It also takes more time than the actual move does.

A million boxes

I think one of the reasons why people don't move is because they can't possibly take a million boxes they have in the garage and basement with them.

Empty foods

Lack of nutrition in some foods.

Cold bedrooms

The temperature dropping fast at night and waking up in the morning to an ice cold bedroom.

Ice on driveways

Almost breaking your leg walking on your driveway because of the black ice you can't see from last nights ice storm.

Snow plows taking too long

Sometimes it takes forever for them to plow the private roads.

Finding the decorations

Having to find the Christmas decorations from a million unlabeled boxes in the garage that all look the same.

Not friendly people

Some people are just not friendly.

Hair grows too fast

Your hair growing faster than the average person can take you broke.