Monday, March 23, 2009

They don't offer that channel

Having a cable company that does not offer the channel that you want.

Bad songs in commercials

You can tell that some of the songs in commercials were never in the top 100 hit charts.

Arguments in airports

Someone arguing about something inline is always the person that is on YOUR line.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Aging couch

The couch ages and you sink down on one end of it all the time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunny but still cold

Walking outside on a sunny day and finding out the temperature is not as warm as it seems.

Too windy outside

Some days it is just so windy it makes even walking hard to do.

No Sun out

The dark dreary days where it is so cloudy and no Sun seems to ever shine.

Rain that never ends

The big rain storms where it rains all day and you can't go out and do anything.

Leave your problems at home

People who take every problem to work with them and you have to listen to it all.

Can you be nicer?

Having a boss that is not friendly.

Explain it better

Having someone show you a new job but realizing they really don't know the job that well themselves.

As little as possible

People who do as little as possible on the job while still doing just enough to keep the job.

Sick every day

People who call in sick all the time at work for the slightest problem.

No raise

A business who does not ever give raises. Why not even a .10 cents raise an hour?

People who ask for directions

Most people usually don't know where the place you want to go is.

Friday, March 20, 2009

People who slurp soup

Some people have to make so much noise when having soup.

Why not vote?

People who always complain about the election results but have never voted their entire life.

Strange names

Some people have to name their children weird names. What is wrong with just using the regular names?

Real laugh or not

Some people seem to fake their laugh at your jokes or story.

Email spam

How come there is no way to block email spam still after all these years?

People eating in bed

Why do some people like to eat in bed?

Jokes on award shows

Why do most award shows have to be funny all the time? Why not just give out awards with no jokes?

Children's section

Not going to the library in a long time and walking into the children's book area.

Moving order

Deciding from a million things what to do first before you move. What do you cancel first and pack first?

Leaves gone... no privacy

With the leaves falling off the trees in autumn, you no longer have privacy between houses.

What are you selling?

On some commercials you don't know what they are really selling and what company the commercial is from.

Give a little

People who have a lot of money but never donate any of it.

Long news questions

The questions they ask the guests seem so long. It goes on and on... . Why not just sum up the question in a sentence or two?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Too cold for beach

Arriving at the beach and finding out it is not really warm enough to sit there.

Still improving cell phones

How many more years do they have to be out before we get cell phones with all the features and high quality voice?

Paperwork for game shows

Most people don't go on the games shows because of what you have to fill out. Who wants to give private information out?

Dirty dishes in sink

How many dirty dishes do some people have to pile up in the kitchen sink? It looks like a restaurant sometimes.

Can't find food expiration date

It seems on every food item you buy, the expiration dates are all in different places.