Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bad smelling restrooms

Public restrooms that stink so bad you can't stay in them for even a minute.

Smelly feet

Bad smelling feet around the house is not good.

The last piece

People who like to use the toilet paper down to the very last piece so they don't have to put a new roll on.

No subject

People who never fill in the subject line in emails.

Checks at check-out

People who write checks to pay for groceries holding up the lines.

Great cooks

People who think the food they make is really great when it is not.

Spoon tasters

People who cook and use the same spoon to taste what they are cooking.

File the lawsuit

People who like to get rich quick by filling out a lawsuit all the time.

Book readers

People who say they read an entire book but skipped through most of it.

Loud toe nail cutters

People who make a racket cutting their toe nails.


People who whistle in public. Can't they be happy to themselves in quiet?

Dripping ice cream cones

Having the ice cream leak from the cones in the hot weather in the summer.