Monday, January 12, 2009

Power on light is too bright

On some electronics the led power on light is so bright you have to put tape over it. Why do they make it so bright?


eco_kitty said...

I feel your pain. I really cannot tolerate bright LEDs. In fact, I just bought a laptop that has a light to inform me of whether the trackpad is on or off. This would be a useful tool if it wasn't so bright that I feel like I'm being tortured every time it catches my eye (which is pretty much constantly while I'm typing). Jeez. I'm gonna have to break out a Sharpie and just blacken the thing... if I keep the laptop. I might just return it based on this annoyance alone.

Mike said...

Hi Kitty. That is terrible it is on a laptop. I don't think they test things sometimes it seems.

eco_kitty said...

I dunno... some people really love BRIGHT lights. Case in point... my office has this open floor plan (which is a fancy way of saying they've decided to take our offices away and cram us into cubicles to save money)... anyway, some of the folks there LOVE these bright task lamps... me? If they catch my eye at the wrong angle, I'm seeing spots for awhile. I think I might be more sensitive to light than the average person. Still, you'd think manufacturers would consider such things.